Musicustom is a music production centre focused on composition, arrangement and recording of original music for commercial and artistic use.

MusiCustom Team

Filippo De Paoli

Musician, producer, composer, arranger, vocalist.

Leader of the Italian band Plan de fuga (Carosello Records, Virgin Radio).
Writer / co-writer for Francesco Renga, Irene Fornaciari, Ada Reina, Chanty (Sanremo 2014).
Leader of the Reggae band The Rebel.
Composer of soundtracks for video production studios and national TV.
Writer and producer at Carosello Records, Media Records, Evento Musica, Sony Music, Warner Chappell, Edizioni Curci.
Winner of the Special Star Award in the “Audiovisual Techniques” section of the 14th Mediastars Prize edition (national recognition in advertising, corporate identity and multimedia), in particular for the soundtrack of Richard Ginori’s campaign (Best Film Award at Cannes).

Sergio Olivieri

Musician, producer, composer, arranger, entrepreneur.

Dance Producer at Time Records, Media Records, Melodica Records and international independent labels.
Producer of Vasco Rossi‘s remix “Gli spari sopra” Max Pezzali‘s “Nella notte”.
Producer of several singles for the Japanese musical market in collaboration with Avex Entertainment Corporation (Alison Price, KC spirit, Zero Ph, Anticappella, Magic marmalade, Synthesis).
Independent pop-rock music producer.

Silvio Uboldi

Musician, arranger, producer, sound engineer.

Dance Producer at Mediarecords, collaborator arranger of Bruno Santori in the production of orchestral arrangements in the Sanremo Festival 2009 (Marco Carta, Arisa).
Arranger and keyboard player for Luisa Corna in 2011 (in the album “Non si vive in silenzio”).
Composer of electronic and urban soundtracks and instrumental tracks, for SOUNDIVA label, in television productions (La7).
He has been dealing with mix and mastering for several years, especially for electronic music.